Daniela M. Ferreira

Daniela M. Ferreira is a Brazilian British immunologist. She is a specialist in bacterial infection, respiratory co-infection, mucosal immunology and vaccine responses. She is currently Professor of Respiratory Infection and Vaccinology at the Oxford Vaccine Group in the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Oxford and the Director of the Liverpool Vaccine Group at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. She leads a team of scientists studying protective immune responses against pneumococcus and other respiratory pathogens such as SARS-CoV2. Her team has established a novel method of inducing pneumococcal carriage in human volunteers. They use this model to: * Discover how people with risk factors (age, chronic lung disease) make responses to respiratory bacteria and virus and how this is different from healthy people * Pre-select vaccine candidates and test new vaccines more rapidly * Discover how the host alters the biology of the bacteria while it is being carried

Her team has played a substantial role in the UK covid-19 pandemic response as a trial site for several COVID-19 vaccine studies including the Oxford / Astrazeneca vaccine.

Ferreira is part of the HIC-VAC consortium and Leads the WorkStream on Human Challenge Plataform to accelerate product development in the UKRI Infection Innovation Consortium (iicon). Provided by Wikipedia
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